Hi. My name is Tolgay Azman.

I empower digitalization. For media.

We live in a fast moving and crowded digital world. Never before has reaching readers and customers been easier and harder at the same time. How can you position your brand, tell your story and gain attention in a social, impulsive and constantly changing environment? Get in touch if you want to know how I organically assembled a publishing brand with more than

organic fans and followers.

Best of both worlds. Kind of.

I am enthusiastic about publishing, marketing and digitalization. Currently I work as Editor in Chief of BUSINESS PUNK, a renowned German business and lifestyle magazine. Although I graduated in International Business, my desire to combine analytical mindset with creativity led me to the media industry. Empowering digital media, building products and building real relationships to real people in the name of brands and products – this is what I do passionately.





What I do for a living.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Project & Product Management

    Working under pressure, meeting deadlines and working problem-oriented are key for successful project management. I am used to work independently, take responsibility for my projects and pay attention to a neat execution.

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    Strategy & Operations

    No matter if enhancing an existing or creating a completely new product: The right strategy and deliberate choices are crucial.

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    Publishing & Editing

    Finding the right words can be really tough. Luckily, being creative and on point with my choice of words is one of my strongest skills.

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    Nobody is the best at everything. Aligning a team of different personalities, empowering everybody to do what he or she can do best and letting go of the need to control everything – it's a challenge every single day. But a great one.

  • Connector.Connector.


    No matter if classic, digital or guerilla marketing: My heart beats for the art and science of reaching out to people and building relationships with them.

Get in touch with me.

There are several ways to contact me – you can add me on LinkedIn, send me a tweet or simply drop me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to get to know you!

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